Why choose Boxxle Box Wine Dispenser?

Unlock the Essence of Wine

Discover wine beyond grapes and bottles with Boxxle. Our dispenser helps keep wine fresh for over a month, without compromising the quality and taste of your wine. Whether you're a wine expert or a casual fan, enhance  your wine experience with Boxxle.

Features of Boxxle
  • Generous Capacity: Boxxle holds 3-Liter Bag-in-Box wines dispensing 20 glasses of fresh wine, so whether you are enjoying a single glass with your dinner, or hosting a gathering, Boxxle has you covered.
  • Fresh Wine: BIB and Boxxle help keep oxygen away from the wine, preventing oxidation and keeping wine fresh for a month, so you can enjoy a glass when you want, without worry of spoilage.
  • Sleek Design: Beyond functionality, the Bboxxle wine dispenser boasts an elegant design that blends seamlessly into most kitchen and bar settings and is a great conversation piece.
  • Portable Enjoyment: Wherever your wine adventures take you, our dispenser can come along. Portable and ready to accompany you on every journey, whether by the pool, to the tub, or just into the living room for movie night.
  • Easy Pouring: Say goodbye to complexity. Our dispenser is designed for easy use, ensuring that pouring the perfect glass is as effortless as it is enjoyable.

Discover the magic of our wine dispenser today, where functionality meets flair in every pour!
Why is wine storage important?

wine storage is essential for preserving the quality and flavor of your wine. Boxxle’s innovative design ensures that wine remains fresh for up to a month, reducing waste and allowing for leisurely enjoyment, on your schedule.

Boxxle offers convenience with easy access and portability. Its sleek design enhances the presentation of your favorite box wine, making it a stylish addition to any space.

By minimizing exposure to oxygen, Boxxle helps prevent oxidation, which can deteriorate your wine's flavor and aroma. Say goodbye to sour, bad wine and hello to consistently vibrant and flavorful pours.

How does Boxxle work?

The Boxxle Premium Box Wine Dispenser raises the wine, with a patented lift mechanism, Boxxle ensures a smooth, consistent pour, with the tap above even stemmed glasses.

Boxxle, along with BIB packaging protects the wine from exposure to air, which causes oxidation, wine spoilage and waste.

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What sets Boxxle apart?
  • Cost-Effective: Boxxle wine dispenser offers high-quality dispensers at competitive prices, ensuring exceptional value for wine enthusiasts.
  • Small Carbon Footprint: We prioritize environmental responsibility, boasting a minimal carbon footprint and sustainable production practices.
  • Elegant Design: Crafted with functionality and style, Boxxle dispensers elevate any space with their sleek and sophisticated appearance, enhancing both aesthetics and practicality.

Crafted with Precision, Guaranteed Satisfaction!

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Stay ahead of the curve with BOXXLE Wine Emotion. Elevate your wine experience with innovative technology designed to preserve and dispense wine at its best.