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Boxxle Wine Dispenser

Boxed wine isn't just a trend—it's a smart choice for wine lovers everywhere. Boxxle is the top selling, highly rated box wine dispenser that makes enjoying box wine a breeze. No more bottles - just effortless enjoyment. Our dispenser lifts the wine, ensuring the tap is always above your glass, Boxxle provides constant pressure, and squeezes every drop of wine without the hassle of heavy lifting. Say hello to hassle-free enjoyment of your favorite wines with Boxxle.


The Perfect Bag-in-Box Wine Pouring Solution

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Enjoy the convenience of free shipping on every order.


Boxxle offers effortless box wine storage and pouring, perfect for any occasion.


Crafted with sophistication, our dispenser adds a touch of luxury to box wine practicality.

Stand Out

Boxxle’s elegant design compliments any setting.

Elevate your wine game
Revitalize Your Sips And Keep Every Drop Fresh

Upgrade your wine experience with Boxxle. Designed to enhance every pour, our dispenser ensures that every glass is filled with freshness and flavor. With its sleek design and advanced technology, Boxxle elevates any setting, whether it's a cozy night in or a stylish dinner party. Say goodbye to stale wine and hello to freshness that lasts. Boxxle's dispenser keeps your wine fresh for over a month, so you can enjoy every glass as if it were the first. Unlock the full potential of your favorite box wines with Boxxle, every sip is a celebration of our love of wine.

We are your Perfect Partner for Homebars, Offices, and Parties

In a world full of choices, why settle for anything less than the best wine box dispenser? Our product stands out for its unparalleled quality and functionality, making it the top choice for wine enthusiasts everywhere. With Boxxle, your wine stays fresh for over a month, ensuring every pour is as delightful as the first. Enjoy fresh wine, by-the-glass, whenever you want.

01. Best Selling Dispenser

Boxxle is the top choice for wine enthusiasts around the world.

02. On Demand

Enjoy Fresh Wine, By-The-Glass, When You Want.

03. Great for Entertaining and Parties

Make hosting hassle-free and enjoyable with Boxxle’s ease of use and elegant design.

04. Cost Effective

Invest in quality and durability with our dispenser, designed to last for years to come. Box wine’s efficient packaging provides savings with every glass.

05. Smaller Carbon Footprint

Make an eco-conscious choice for your wine enjoyment and reduce environmental impact with Boxxle and BIB. BIB has half the carbon footprint of heavy glass bottles.

06. Less in the Landfill

BIB packaging creates 85% less landfill waste compared to glass bottles.

Don’t Trust Us, But Check What These Wine Enthusiasts Say!

At Boxxle, we take pride in serving a great group of wine enthusiasts, restaurateurs, and hospitality professionals. These customers rely on us to provide excellence in wine dispensing and convenience and we strive to exceed their expectations every time they pour.


OMG! This is the best purchase; my husband and I love the Boxxel! It's dressy and looks great sitting out. We take it outside by the hot tub and back in. We order a Spanish box wine from a distributor and it's a very tasty Cab but setting on the counter never looked better. It's now a popular item in our neighborhood!!


My wife and our guests love this! Just take the bladder out of the Black Box, soon the nozzle, and the spring loaded dispenser works anywhere with no cords and no batteries! Perfect for near the bathtub, nightstand, coffee table, pontoon, water float, poolside, anywhere you would want to dispense wine with out cords or batteries, and not having to lift up the box to have gravity dispense it for you. Great gift!

Keith R Peterson

I bought this wine dispenser for my daughter who loves to drink a glass or two in the evenings. It was a gift for Christmas and she loves it. I felt that it was affordable and would look great on her kitchen counter. She said it is very easy to use-a perfect gift for her!

Stevonn F Krueger

Ingenious! Never was a fan of boxed wines but they are getting better and better and you can't beat the fact that you get the equivalent of 4 bottles for about 20 bucks and it stays fresh for 6 weeks! The Boxxle took literally a minute to set up and I was in business - the red wine shot right out. No wasted wine, no wasted bottles, not even any drips. Love it.

Matthew G.

I would like to say this is a fun, user friendly product. I received one as a wedding gift that turned out to be defective. I haven’t opened it for months and then discovered it was not functioning properly. The boxxle support team was amazing and thorough replacing the item after walking me through some potential issues. I just wanted to share this great customer service experience because it’s so important in this amazon world. Thank you boxxle!

Steve Gatto

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