What is Boxxle?

What is Boxxle?

Introducing Boxxle

Boxxle- Premium Wine Preserver and Dispenser


Create Wine-on-Tap with Boxxle at home! - Keeps wine fresh longer - Dispenses wine-by-the-glass without waste


What is Boxxle?

Be the first to have a Boxxle bag-in-box wine dispenser in your home or restaurant! The Boxxle counter top wine dispenser is a multi-patented dispenser for 3-liter premium wine casks and it’s now available for purchase.”

This the Boxxle wine bag holder, you still purchase your favorite 3-liter bag-in-box wines or try a new one. Bring the wine home and place the interior bladder into your Boxxle, box wine bag holder. Boxxle automatically raises the wine up, allowing the spigot to be above your glass and automatically compressing the bag so you get the most out of your favorite wines without the squeezing and lifting. And we put all of that into an attractive counter top wine dispenser!

We as one of the foremost bag in box wine dispenser suppliers, came up with the concept for Boxxle bag-in-box wine dispenser after learning about all of the benefits of bag-in-box wine packaging:

  • Better quality for the consumer
  • Better for the environment
  • Freshness that lasts up to six weeks

However, boxed wines come with some stigma and difficulties. We did not like the fact that you had to bring your box wine holder to the edge of a counter top or table to fill your glass. We did not like that you still needed to open the box to squeeze out the last couple of glasses, and we did not like the fact that we had a cardboard box sitting in the kitchen or on our dining room table.

Boxxle is a high-quality, attractive wine bag holder designed to solve all of the problems of “boxed wine” and allow you to enjoy your delicious BIB wine with style and ease!

Boxxle has been receiving great reviews. See what they’re saying about us in the news.

Building a Better Countertop Wine Dispenser Box

Here are some of the concepts we explored to come up with the final design.

We considered a bunch of different materials before settling on stainless steel and matte, injection molded plastic.

Some of the early shapes we considered were a little playful, but maybe not as feasible to produce.