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We Love Box Wine!

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We Love Box Wine!

We Love Box Wine!

Box wine has come a long way since it was originally introduced and today you can find some pretty amazing wines in a box. And it just keeps getting better — each year, more vintners introduce box wines to their collection. Why? Because like us, they appreciate the box’s benefits — it keeps their product fresh, packs some incredible environmental benefits, and lets us all pay for the wine, not the bottle. As the popularity and quality of boxed wines continued to rise, we knew there needed to be a better way to dispense that wine. That’s what led to the creation of the Boxxle wine dispenser.

Don’t take our word for it about boxed wines, though. Check out some of what’s being said about box wine in articles ranging from Oprah, to The New York Times, to Wine Spectator.

Quality Wine

3 Liter Bag-in-Box Premium Casks were introduced in 2002 and have been growing by more than 20% annually since.

The quality of wine available in BIB packaging has increased dramatically since the 3 Liter introduction and BIB wines are consistently earning awards and garnering great reviews from critics. Take a sip from your Boxxle wine box holder while you read these articles about some quality boxed wines.

Environmental Benefits

BIB packaging produces less than half the carbon footprint of glass bottles, as glass requires far more energy to produce and transport.

BIB packages have at least 85% less packaging waste than glass bottles. Boxed wine provides 79% less Greenhouse Gas emissions compared to bottling equivalent amount of wine. And boxed wine packaging can be recycled — the box is 100% recyclable and the bag can be recycled where number 7’s are accepted. That means using a wine dispenser in your home or restaurant can help you reduce your carbon footprint and enjoy your favorite wines in a much more eco-friendly way.


BIB wine stays fresh and delicious for up to 6 weeks after your first glass; it stays fresh because BIB wine is vacuum-sealed and the bag collapses on itself as the wine is dispensed.

BIB packaging eliminates cork taint, which experts estimate ruins 5% of wine, that means US drinkers would save enough wine to fill over 40 Olympic sized pools. (An Olympic sized pool holds about 660,000 gallons, I looked it up.) This could also be considered an environmental benefit.

Best guesses are that about 2% of wine is lost to oxidation. This is the wine you have to throw out because you did not finish the bottle. Again, more waste prevented by BIB packaging. The Boxxle wine wine dispenser will help you get out every delicious drop without wasting it!

Still not convinced?