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What Your Wine Choice Says About You

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It makes sense that because wines seem to have a certain personality all of their own, that different human personalities would gravitate towards certain types of wine. But do the boisterous and bold of our friends choose boisterous and bold wines? Wine experts say that your choice in wine indicates more about your personality type and who you are than you would have first thought. Here are some of what was found:

Though class and sophistication doesn't come easy to the majority of us, it can be faked. Pinot Noir combines that sophistication with a hint of trendiness and ordering a pinot noir at dinner will say the same thing about you. 

Those who drink Reislings are often compared to their wine counterpart: refreshing, easy to take in and sweet,but not in a cloying way. Reislings are known to be a very food-friendly wine which allows you to enjoy them all evening, much like those who regularly imbibe in them. 

If you're the type that seeks out the spotlight and is naturally outgoing, it's likely that you often order Sauvignon Blanc. These wines are edgy with a tropical sweetness that demand your full attention.

Ordering a Pinot Grigio indicates that you take few chances, preferring to play it safe. Because of its commercial wine qualities and subtle fruitiness, those who like to keep things close to the chest and not take risks are attracted to Pinot Grigio wines. 

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