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Boxed Wine is Making a Splash

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Boxed Wine is Making a Splash - Boxxle

We like to think that innovative boxed wine dispensers, like Boxxle, have a lot to do with the recent growth of premium wine brands finally delivering their wine in boxes.

It’s a Worldwide Phenomenon

Growth is being seen worldwide, and there is no end in sight. Scandinavians in particular have gone mad for boxed wines. The three-litre box accounts for more than half of all wine sales in both Norway and Sweden. Boxed wine appeals to both the frugal minded and the Scandinavian wine snob. Boxed wine is less expensive and lasts longer. And because boxed wine is so popular, premium wine brands have started shipping wine in boxes in Scandinavia before they’ve entered other regional markets.

Boxed wine sales in the US, while still not quite as strong, are trending in the right direction to eventually overtake bottle sales here too.

The Box is the New Bottle

New wine drinkers are getting on the boxed-wine bandwagon, and that has made premium vintners perk up and take notice. Those young drinkers are how they are going to grow their market share. And if they aren’t in the boxed wine market, they aren’t going to be able to compete.

The Internet Means More Choices

Boxed wine retailers, like BOXX Cellars, are exclusively serving the premium box wine market. They offer the perfect options for your Boxxle dispenser. Here are just a few premium wines they offer that might surprise you.

  • Arrumaco Garnacha Rose
  • Arrumaco Tempranillo
  • El Libre Cabernet
  • El Libre Malbec
  • Lambert Chinon Rouge
  • Maipe Malbec
  • Maison Cubi Pinot Noir

More choice means more market share. In Nielsen Co’s 2016 annual growth report for the wine industry, they reported that premium boxed wine sales grew by more than 24 percent and that boxed wine accounted for almost 20 percent of wine sales in the US last year. Watch out Scandinavia, we’re catching up fast! Two of the most popular premium wines are leading the pack. Black Box and Bota Box sales were both up more than 28 percent, representing a total of $279 million in boxed wine sales.

Choose Your Wine Dispenser - Boxxle

Your Favorite Variety of Wine Comes in a Box

With one clear exception, you’d be hard pressed to find a type of wine that doesn’t come in a box these days. Driven by market forces, including the desire for more environmentally-friendly packaging, a lack of economic confidence that makes it a lot harder for many people to justify buying an expensive bottle of wine that might go bad before they can drink it all, and the appeal of boxed wines for the latest generation of wine drinkers, we don’t see this trend slowing down, well, ever.

The fastest growing wine category, not surprisingly is sparking wines. It just isn’t compatible with current boxed-wine technology. We’re hoping someone comes up with a solution for putting sparkling wine in a box. How great would it be to have your favorite bubbly on hand, in your Boxxle dispenser, and ready for a quick toast at the end of the day? We think that would be a game changer.

So choose your wine, and choose your Boxxle wine dispenser. Enjoy!