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What Your Wine Choice Says About You

It makes sense that because wines seem to have a certain personality all of their own, that different human personalities would gravitate towards certain types of wine. But do the boisterous and bold of our friends choose boisterous and bold wines? Wine experts say that your choice in wine indicates more about your personality type [...]

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How to Properly Stock Your Home Bar with Boxxle

Not that we quite understand the concept, but not everybody wants only wine to drink. I know, it's hard to imagine but it's true. If you are thinking about setting up a home bar that will be used by anybody other than you, you may want to include other beverages other than wine. We've put [...]

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A Toast to Having a Glass of Wine Daily

So, we've stood on the soapbox professing the benefits of bag-in-box wines, and our Boxxle unit itself. But we've been slightly amiss in the fact that we have yet to speak of the many benefits of wine itself. Whether you've opened yourself up to the possibilities of boxed wine, or still prefer imbibing from a [...]

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Passion For Both Wine and the Planet Unite

Novelist Eduardo Galeano once said "We are all mortal until the first kiss and the second glass of wine." At Boxxle, we share the same passion for wine that Galeano once did; but we've coupled it with our passion for eco-friendly design and innovation to create Boxxle. Boxxle is a countertop wine-dispensing innovation that solves the [...]

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