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Premium Bag-In-Box Wine Dispenser

With Boxxle, you still purchase your favorite 3 liter Bag-in-Box wines or try a new one, bring the wine home and place the interior bladder into Boxxle. Boxxle raises the wine up, allowing the spigot to be above your glass, and automatically compresses the bag so you get the most from your favorite wines, all in an attractive countertop dispenser.

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3 Liter Wine Box Dispenser - Boxxle

Quality Wine. In A Box.

With Added Environmental Benefits

Automatic Wine Dispenser

Box wine has come a long way since it was originally introduced and you can now find some pretty amazing wine in a box. And it just keeps getting better — each year, more vintners introduce box wines to their collection. Why? Because like us, they appreciate the box’s benefits — it keeps their product fresh, packs some incredible environmental benefits, and lets us all pay for the wine, not the bottle.

3 Liter Bag-in-Box Premium Casks were introduced in 2002 and have been growing by more than 20% annually since.

The quality of wine available in BIB packaging has increased dramatically since the 3 Liter introduction and BIB wines are consistently earning awards and garnering great reviews from critics.

Premium Box Wine Dispenser

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3 Liter Wine Box Dispenser

Made from high grade ABS Plastic and 202 Stainless Steel, Boxxle, wine bottle dispenser is designed to dispense your favorite Bag-in-Box wine, using brand new technology. From a beautiful counter-top appliance, wines (or other BIB products such as fruit juice) are dispensed above your glass, with no lifting or bringing to the edge of the counter, and Boxxle 3 liter wine box dispenser squeezes out the last glass of wine (so you don't have to squeeze the bag).

    Building a Better 3 Liter Wine Box Dispenser:
  • Made from high grade ABS plastic
  • Designed to dispense bag-in-box wine
  • No lifting or bringing to the edge of the counter
  • Boxxle gets out almost all the wine!

Smart Design - Box Wine Dispenser - Boxxle

Smart Design

Function meets beauty

Patented Design - Box Wine Dispenser - Boxxle

Patented Design

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Smart Design - Box Wine Dispenser - Boxxle

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Why Choose Boxxle?

Boxxle is a multi-patented automatic wine dispenser for 3-Liter Premium Wines. Boxxle, commercial wine dispenser is the #1 bestselling 3-Liter box wine dispenser in the world. Purchase this wine bottle dispenser now and enjoy all the benefits of Boxxle. Create wine-on-tap, anytime, anywhere.

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